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Windows NT / 2000

The expanded capabilities provided by implementing a Windows NT network increase the complexity of designing, installing, and properly managing the servers, network, and associated security.

WebTec's experienced staff can provide any or all of the services required to setup or manage your Windows NT network. From proper domain setup to remote monitoring, WebTec can allow you to benefit from the advantages of Windows NT without experiencing the problems that an improperly designed/setup network will cause.

At the client desktop, WebTec can design a corporate configuration of Windows customized for your environment and provide training for your technical staff and end-users.

In today's environment, virus protection should be included in every network. An unprotected network risks damages which could potentially affect the bottom-line of your company. WebTec can design a virus protection system to fit your needs.

WebTec's remote monitoring allows your to have trained staff monitoring your network without the cost associated with full-time on-site personnel.

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