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WebTec's experience in designing Internet/intranet sites is available to help your organization. We can deliver a comprehensive intranet site allowing easy access to your company's information systems to any or all users. WebTec will develop Internet/intranet site(s) to support your purpose and/or products. Web Sites for your intranet or the Internet which access new or existing applications can be developed and managed.

Site Hosting

Whether we design your web site or you have it designed elsewhere, WebTec can provide hosting services for your site featuring:

  • Multiple DS3 Internet connections
  • Custom domain names
  • FTP access
  • Netscape compatible encryption
  • And many more features
  • Unlimited hits
  • POP email access
  • Regular backups
  • Reasonable prices

WebTec can provide experienced site hosting far more economically than your company can provide the services internally.

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For further information, please email: info@wtec.com

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